Wednesday, 15 May 2013

15th May 2013 - the problem with planning

My last post was entitled "back to the Grindstone" and was full of good intentions, as full as the pathway to Hell it seems. There was no problem with the intention, only the ability of the weather to completely change any plans made by popping a little bit of December into May.

When I say a little bit, I am mainly referring to the wind, nay howling gales, the driving rain and winter temperatures. Had I only been watching Game of Thrones I could happily state "Winter is coming..." and know what it means. Having read the books I have a good idea, and to be honest the last two days would have been a good opportunity to catch up on series one, by watching them back to back....

So, a simple decision that the garage /warehouse was now clear enough to start loading boxes and clearing parts of the house, particularly after getting a little enthusiastic and letting an estate agent see the place, and a late Sunday idea that 10 boxes a day would soon clear the place without killing me.... leaves me on a Wednesday morning with the prospect of clearing 30 boxes out of the house.

Of course it is quite manageable, just more in one day than I was aiming at...  and of course it is now a quarter past nine in the morning and rather than start I am getting around to writing this blog, a task that could have easily been fitted into the last two days spent hiding in the computer room uploading photographs. My only foray from the desk was to get a cup of tea and to put out a bag or recycle rubbish as the "Bin Men" come this morning.

But no, a set of photos from the wedding came out rather grandly, and the inclusion of a silly picture frame led me to adding a whole series of self portraits.

The frame idea was a brilliant thought as it provided a number of people with photographic inspiration and there are a number of pictures on the web, though I am proud enough of my camera that I enjoyed the series I put together.

Of course sometimes you have to relinquish the camera to get a photo of yourselves.. 

Which brings me back to the task in hand .... Getting out and starting to move some boxes....  Maybe I should take a stop photograph video of the task in hand.... that will probably take a few minutes to arrange..   procrastination rule ok......

Well - maybe a cup of tea first .......

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