Thursday, 7 March 2013

7th March 2013 - Wet - and not a dry Wet !!!

So, after having the pleasure of my sister's company across from the United States of America for the last three weeks, culminating in the highest ever levels in the DOW index, just beating the highest previous in 2007, which I am sure was not really affected by her absence from the country - though the concept of the butterfly wings keeps me sane here !! So, having experienced the finest, dryest, sunniest winter month since the dawn of creation, it rained today...

Yes - the day that she reached her homelands 24 hours air travel away from us - it is wet!

She has gloated for fur weeks that the weather is strange - we did not want to really support her fixations by agreeing - but the return of the rain today gives me some cause for thought...

I know from previous experience that my mother has acted as a weather vain.. more than that, a weather magnet for wet and windy wherever she has travelled across the world. Had we learned earlier her impact we could have made a fortune sending her to the famine riven parts of the world, at minimum cost !!!

Bit now I have to live with the reality that her daughter may just be the opposite - heralding fine weather when least expected.....

So as she goes back to Arizona, which incidentally experienced uncharacteristic snow, sleet, and wet while she was absent, I am sure that they will soon get back to their customary "DRY " heat .....  it is a desert after all!!!

Meanwhile - we will have to get used to our more seasonal damp - and not a Dry damp in sight!!!

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