Friday, 30 November 2012

30th November 2012 - Friday - That's all...

Friday. That's all!!
It is an important day for many, signifying the end of the week and the commencement of a weekend.
Somehow you lose the magic of a Friday when you are retired. It is another day in the week and only the check of the diary showing that there are no appointments makes it easier to decide that the inside of the house is preferable to wandering outside in the cold...
Of course, the dogs do not always feel the same way. Popping out this morning, they sat in the back of the car convinced that they were going to get a walk - but by the time we got to the fields it was raining and lack of waterproofs and lack of incentive meant that we turned around and came back home.
Sorry dogs - it's Friday - that's all !!!

A delivery of mulled wine via pallet reminded me that we are off to Caerphilly Castle next weekend to brave the cold and the rain and the snow ( if the last few years have been anything to go by !!) selling hot mulled wine to visitors to the castle. Hopefully a goodly number will call as there is a thousand pounds worth of mulled wine in boxes, with a few bottle for sale, sitting in the living room. That will be a lot of cups of wine!
But preparation for that can wait until next week.. it involves sorting out wall hangings and decorations and suchlike which involves getting up from the chair here, which sounds like a job for another day...
It's Friday - that's all.

Start of a video is in place for the Christmas special. Only the trailer of course. But a taster of what is to come if I get the next section photographed and compiled. 50 shades of Green seems a good working title.
Buying wine for the NSPCC at home this weekend. How many bottles of wine will 80 guests drink?? At lunchtime??  We will find out - 6 glasses to a bottle suggests 13 bottles of wine if not everyone has more than one glass. So a dozen Red, and 6 each of White and Rose may do...   Decisions decisions... Not good at those on a Friday....
Better get on with a video -
It is Friday
That's all...

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