Tuesday, 4 April 2017

4th April 2017 - Insurance Companies!

Thought for the day: "We all see colour differently - it is a pigment of your imagination"

I am continually intrigued by the algorithms of the insurance industry. I recall the tale of a Friend who got caught speeding and naturally expected his premiums to increase the next year. To his surprise they went down! He enquired and it appears that after getting caught speeding - there is an expectation that as a driver he will be more careful for a period of time before reverting to type...

I know of at least one driver/colleague where this would not help. He keeps his sat nav on high volume because it always warns him in increasing panic voice as he breaks the speed limit - which he does regularly!. I was sitting, huddling is a better word, in his passenger seat as I said "You can turn the annoying voice off you know" to which he replied - "Oh no! I couldn't do that. I need it to remind me to keep the speed down" - it clearly did not work on that journey - or any other I have shared with him.

But I was recently surprised when I renewed my father-in-law's car insurance. It is not a new car - in fact it has a value of about £300 on the car websites! I accept that he is 89 and that will cost a little more for insurance. But when I decided to add another driver - his daughter in law - I thought there would be a likely increase. But no! There was a reduction of £20 on the premium! And as it was in the "cooling off" period of 14 days from taking the insurance out - there was no admin fee.

Today - we decided that Sue should be added onto the insurance as well - as the renewed camper insurance did not give her third party cover any more, and to my delight - we got another £8 reduction with no admin fees.

I suppose that two drivers in the 60's makes the overall risk of an 89 year old less over the whole year - but it is still a strange way to work ...

In other news - it is time to change the cover picture ...  so a subtle piece of "Green One" images...

Back to the book - Royal Order of Scotland on Saturday ..

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