Sunday, 5 March 2017

5th March 2017 - Masks and Rebates

Thought for the day :"Nearly Headless Nick's beheading was poorly executed!"

Today, a really useful note popped up on my Facebook. A mention of the Marriage Allowance transfer option that appeared in the tax budget in 2015 and no-one mentioned. If either party in a marriage or civil partnership earn less than £11,000 per annum, then they are able to transfer some of their tax allowance to their partner who earns more than £11,000.  There used to be a similar system when I first was married - when a married man allowance allowed the husband to claim for having a wife - a system that disappeared with the move toward equalities and of course with the increase in working wives....

But, this means that approximately £220 a year is removed from my tax bill, and better still I can claim back for last year as well.

We shall see if it all goes through - but the development of on line systems has really improved and made things easier. With only the National Insurance Numbers and Passport number of the lower earner, the whole application ( on line on a Sunday ) took less than two minutes. We really are moving into a new world .....

In case this appeals to anyone - the link is here...

Meanwhile - my camera was playing up - but the masked ball went ahead at St Teilo's Ladies Night

I shall post here as they are a little too blurred for general consumption ..

And as it is St Pirran's Day - I thought I would refer you to my previous report

And so.. Happy Sunday and I hope you can save some money today - if so I lift my glass..

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