Friday, 12 August 2016

12th August 2016 - So - Housework it is

Thought for the day: "It is Friday - tonight I shall become a hero and rescue some gin from a bottle …."

Seems to have got too late for the Gin and Tonic - not sure how that happened!
Today has been a day of housework and clearing the surfaces and getting ready for an influx of family - as I go to bed I have a daughter, a grandchild, a sister and a brother in law in the air, another daughter setting up base camp at Bala, a sailing dinghy drying with the last coat of varnish, a clear house,  and only the floor of the kitchen to repair, and the wires behind the computer to cover - oh and find a way to get a mattress from teh warehouse back to the house...   A simple day I think...

Meanwhile - managed to get the first video on line

and set the first 130 photos into a gallery ...

Pimms and Bacon and Eggs

Mona Mour - "Mona Mour of the Jollie Rouge"

Heard the Cry of the Viinshar - Lost her to the Void

Der Abtei

Ramonjii Windlillie "Dance for Me"
So .. goodnight
Cheers !

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